Iryna Gudyma

Born and raised in Ukraine, Iryna Gudyma is a humanitarian expert and child rights advocate with over a decade of experience at international organizations, including the United Nations, where her latest role at UNICEF was dedicated to ending violence against children.

Amidst the escalating war in Ukraine, Iryna plays a pivotal role in the emergency response programs at Razom for Ukraine, securing humanitarian and medical relief. She has organized medical missions, initiated projects supporting victims of violence, and is currently focusing on development and mental health programs.

Iryna’s dedication to supporting conflict-affected communities spans over a decade. Before joining the UN, she served as a Press Officer in war-torn areas of Ukraine’s Donbas, contributing to peace and security efforts in the region. She initiated an advocacy campaign on the Danger of Mines and Unexploded Ordnance to protect children in war-affected areas. Iryna also worked as a first responder and a spokesperson at the crash site of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17.

Iryna holds a master’s degree in Globalization and Development Communication from Temple University, earned as a Fulbright scholar, and a master’s degree in International Business from Kyiv National Economic University.