Dr. Tania Baban

Dr. Baban specializes in Ophthalmology and completed her training at Saint Georges Hospital-University Medical Center in Beirut, Lebanon, in June 2018. During her residency, Dr. Baban co-founded the initiative “Overcoming Barriers to Vision Care for Nursing Home Residents,” a project aimed at offering free vision screening for older residents at the Saint Georges Hospital-Nursing Home That same year, she also established the NGO-OPD clinic, providing complimentary eye exams for refugees referred by local and international NGOs. Through her efforts, she examined over 500 patients and performed more than 47 procedures, personally raising over $20,000 to cover surgical and medical costs In 2020, following the Beirut blast, she joined MedGlobal, starting as a Program Manager. Her focus was on providing essential support to Lebanon’s struggling healthcare system during the COVID-19 crisis and the absence of adequate healthcare infrastructure By 2021, she was promoted to Country Representative, where she played a key role in strengthening MedGlobal’s relationships with international stakeholders and forming a valuable partnership with the Ministry of Health.

Throughout her career, besides clinical passion, Dr. Baban has also been heavily involved in several clinical research studies and manuscripts resulting in 10 published manuscripts since 2015.