Douglas Davis

“I am “Ukrainian-by-marriage.” My wife is a native of Lviv, Ukraine and we are both physicians living in Wisconsin. She came over as an exchange student after the collapse of the Soviet bloc, and we met in medical school on the East Coast. Before the full-scale invasion, I was a practicing neuroradiologist and emergency radiologist with a large Midwest private practice.  Subsequently, I’ve taken extended leave from clinical work and have been working full time on medical and other humanitarian relief efforts for Ukraine via a number of NGOs.  I had no prior experience in humanitarian global health before the war, so this has been a rapidly and continually evolving experience and education for me, and one which has mainly involved leveraging our family’s healthcare backgrounds and networks in the USA and in Ukraine.  So, I consider myself very fortunate to have connected with a number of highly impactful groups and experienced humanitarians in this space over the past 18 months.  In addition to UMANA’s work with MedGlobal, our family has also worked closely on Ukraine aid projects with Mountain Seed Foundation, Milwaukee Rotary/Rotary International, Be An Angel (their Milwaukee based affiliate), and Give To The World. “