Abdul Hamid Halabi

Abdul Hamid Halabi is Founder and CEO of Clinlab.AI, a Technology company delivering AI powered Laboratories as a Service to Physician Offices in the Community. These labs empower physicians to have all the data they need on their patients at their fingertips while providing them a supplemental revenue stream to keep the mission of delivering great access to care in the community going.

Prior to that Abdul headed up Translational Artificial Intelligence at Tempus Labs, a leader in AI & Precision Medicine. Abdul drove the strategy for digital and AI solutions across oncology, urology, and pathology. He built and launched Tempus Edge, a platform enabling Actionable AI applications to pathology supporting Precision Medicine initiatives for Patients. In addition, Abdul Launched Tempus LENS, data and AI precision medicine platform enabling scalable access to genotypic and phenotypic data and rapid insight for the life science community. 

Before that Abdul Hamid Halabi led NVIDIA’s healthcare startup driving business growth and innovation into medicine and medical devices. He has been at the forefront of advanced technologies in AI and HPC for several decades, working with top global thought leaders and world-class organizations, such as the American College of Radiology to bring AI to Healthcare. Abdul launched NVIDIA’s Health platform, Clara, to reach thousands of developers and deployment sites. He also grew NVIDIA’s healthcare industry presence to a healthy 9-figure and accelerating business. Abdul pioneered key concepts of intelligent medical devices and hospitals of the future. Prior to his current role, Abdul was a leader within NVIDIA’s engineering organization where he led the Hardware Design effort of the mobile processor powering NVIDIA’s DRIVE platform.