Abdelnaser Soboh

Abdelnaser Soboh, BScN, MAEd, MAN, Ed.D, has served as the Health Cluster Coordinator for Gaza with WHO since 2009, navigating five military conflicts and natural disasters in the past 15 years. Dr. Soboh excels in assessing humanitarian health needs, leading teams in data analysis, and developing response plans. He also maintains the Health 4Ws tool, updates stakeholders, and briefs visiting medical teams.

Dr. Soboh’s extensive 20+ years of clinical and managerial experience in hospitals and PHCs have led to significant service quality improvements in various countries. He’s been dedicated to enhancing emergency services and community resilience, particularly in Gaza for the past 15 years. Furthermore, he’s played a vital role in strengthening emergency preparedness for the Health Cluster partners.

In addition to his fieldwork, Dr. Soboh actively contributed to the Palestinian National Institution for Public Health (PNIPH) in Gaza. His responsibilities have included conducting assessments, participating in public health research, and coordinating international research visits over three years.