Colombia and Venezuela

Colombia and Venezuela

Since 2015, Venezuela has faced one of the world’s most extreme economic and humanitarian crises, leading to the displacement of over 5.9 million people. The COVID-19 pandemic has further exacerbated Venezuela’s weak economy and healthcare system, causing many to flee to neighboring Colombia in search of opportunity and basic services.

In Norte de Santander, Colombia near the border with Venezuela, MedGlobal has supported critical health care for displaced Venezuelans at the Comuneros Clinic, the Los Patios Migration Center, the Tienditas Bridge, and in El Talento, a neighborhood outside of Cúcuta.



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MedGlobal’s Response in Colombia & Venezuela

In Cúcuta, Colombia, located near the border with Venezuela, MedGlobal supports a primary health clinic with I.P.S. Medcare. Known as the Comuneros Clinic, it is the only primary care clinic dedicated to the full primary care needs of displaced Venezuelans in Cúcuta and the surrounding region of Norte de Santander. Since 2020, our team of health professionals have provided critical maternal and child health services, including prenatal care and check-ups for pregnant patients, growth and development checks for young babies, nutritional services, and pregnancy workshops for expecting mothers, among other services. In 2020, 20% of all displaced Venezuelans who gave birth in Cúcuta were patients of the Comuneros Clinic.

In May 2021, MedGlobal began providing point-of-care health services at the Los Patios Center, the first of several way stations set up by the Colombian government. From Cúcuta to Bogotá, these way stations serve as a temporary refuge for Venezuelan migrants, known as “los caminantes,” offering shelter, showers, wi-fi access, food, and health services. As part of MedGlobal’s support, we provided medications, medical consultations, and COVID-19 testing for los caminantes.

Additionally, MedGlobal is improving access to health care for vulnerable Colombians and displaced Venezuelans in El Talento, a community outside of Cúcuta that lacks access to basic services including education and healthcare. So far, MedGlobal has provided 2,000 free health consultations to the residents of El Talento through short-term medical interventions, made possible by local partners, community health workers, and international medical volunteers.

MedGlobal has also supported critical health and nutrition assistance to populations in Venezuela who are at increased risk due to COVID-19. Alongside partners, MedGlobal supported health services at 30 primary health centers in Venezuela. Health services included nutritional screenings, nutrition support for children and vulnerable pregnant and lactating women, and treatment for moderate and severe acute malnutrition. Health personnel at supported facilities were also given guidance on treatment of acute malnutrition, infant and young child feeding, and water, sanitation, and hygiene (WASH) practices.

“Walking from Venezuela, I had to sleep on the streets. I had days without food, toilet, or shower, but here at Los Patios I have access to these services.”

– Libia

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