Colombia Resiliency Medical Mission

$50,000 Target


MedGlobal continues to provide primary healthcare to Venezuelan migrants in Cucuta, Colombia, on the northeastern border with Venezuela. 

Since 2014, an estimated 7 million Venezuelans have left their home country because its political, social, educational,  economic, and healthcare systems have essentially collapsed. This is about 15% of the country’s population. Colombia hosts about 2 million of these immigrants, while the rest have moved across and out of Colombia to try to reach other countries in South, Central, and North America. Most of these migrants entered Colombia near Cucuta in the Norte de Santander Department (ie, state), and many continue to live there. 

MedGlobal began its response to the migration crisis in early 2019.  Since then it has provided almost 92,000 consultations including 21,078 to pregnant women. Services have included primary care for adults and children, educational sessions for pregnant women, distribution of newborn and maternal hygiene kits to new Venezuelan mothers, and free optometrist consultations and glasses to underserved refugees.

The average number of patients seen during a mission is around 750 patients

The importance of MedGlobal’s work with Venezuelan migrants in Colombia continues to be evident. While the political situation has changed in recent months, the crisis is still very real for these people who have little hope for a decent future for themselves and their families in their home country.

MedGlobal remains committed to serving this very needy population. With your help it will be able to continue to serve vulnerable Venezuelan men, women, and children in Cucuta. Please consider making a contribution now.

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MedGlobal helps those in need across the globe, including refugees and displaced people. We send teams of doctors, nurses and medics, along with medical equipment, supplies and medications, to crisis areas where we provide health services and train local providers. We believe in a world without disparities in health.

  • $300

    Provides 25 free optometrist consultation and glasses for underserved Colombians and Venezuelan migrants and refugees.

  • $500

    Provides a medical consultation, medication and a hot meal for 100 Venezuelan migrants and or refugee in Casa Venezuela where MedGlobal operates.

  • $5000

    Provide 250 hygiene newborn kits

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