Climbing Kilimanjaro
for Medical Relief

What do we take for granted the most? Breathing – A team of 4 doctors – Dr. Asif Malik, Dr. Deepak Ray, Dr. Fiaz Chaudhary, Dr. Rav Ray – we are setting out to raise over $100,000 to support the life-saving work of MedGlobal by climbing Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. The 7-day trek, covering over 70km, will bring us to the peak of the mountain known as the Roof of Africa at 5895 meters (19,341 ft), where air pressure drops to 40% of that found at sea level – making it harder to fill your lungs. This mental and physical journey highlights the vital role oxygen plays in the health and wellbeing of us all. 

With your help, we can make a difference in the lives of refugees, displaced people, and vulnerable communities that lack reliable access to  medical oxygen. Fuel our journey by making a generous donation today. 100% of all donations will go directly to MedGlobal’s oxygen and home health care programs supporting those most in need in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria, and Yemen. 

Respiration is the most sophisticated exchange process which sustains life literally though organ dependent giving and receiving. With your kind donations this exchange at a humanitarian level will help the most impoverished and vulnerable communities in Gaza, Lebanon, Syria and Yemen, to have a chance at survival and accessing life sustaining treatment. 

UK donors who wish to pay via debit card can do so safely by clicking the credit card tab.

$19,330.26 Raised

$50,000 Goal

Your Donation Makes an Impact


provides equipment to monitor patient oxygen levels


supports medical oxygen for one child for one day


provides consultations and management for 10 elderly patients monthly


provides 3 days of care for a patient with severe symptoms

Other Ways to Give

Your donation to MedGlobal is Zakat and Sadaqah eligible. To ensure your contribution is designated as a Zakat or Sadaqah donation, please use the buttons below.

100% of all donations will go straight towards Medical Relief.



                                To  send your contribution by mail, please make checks payable to medGlobal and send to the following address:

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                                                                                                           Rolling Meadows, IL 60008 

                                          Questions? Contact fundraising@medglobal.org or Call (708) 589-4713 or WhatsApp +44 7309227116

Thank you. Your heartfelt donations and kindness will help us save countless lives by delivering life sustaining oxygen and medicines, and enable us to enhance accessibility to the most vulnerable.


MedGlobal is an international health and humanitarian non-profit committed to creating a world without health disparities. We help refugees, victims of war and vulnerable populations in disaster and crisis-affected regions across the globe, including Bangladesh, Colombia, Gaza, India, Lebanon, Sudan, Syria, Yemen, and beyond.

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