Tim Conley

Tim Conley is an experienced emergency manager with a diverse background in fire, emergency management, and EMS. Currently serving as the emergency manager for Mercy Health Care System, Tim is responsible for ensuring the organization’s preparedness and response to emergencies.

Tim is also the founder of the Interstate Disaster Medical Collaborative, a non-profit organization that provides medical support and training to healthcare providers in Ukraine. Through this initiative, Tim has been instrumental in improving the healthcare system’s ability to respond to disasters and emergencies.

In addition to his international work, Tim has provided medical and hazmat training to health care providers and first responders in various countries including Iraq, UAE, Turkey, Oman, and Kuwait. His expertise in these areas has been invaluable in enhancing emergency response capabilities in these regions.

With over 30 years of experience in the field, Tim has held several key positions domestically. He has served as the planning section chief in the state of Louisiana EMS Tactical Operation Center, where he played a crucial role in coordinating emergency response efforts. During hurricanes, Tim has served as the mission leader for RSI staffing medical shelters, ensuring the provision of essential medical services to affected communities.

Tim has also been a member of the Illinois State Weapons of Mass Destruction team, contributing his expertise in emergency management and planning. He has served on various state and federal emergency management and planning committees, including the HHS/FEMA ESF-8 NIMS Typing committee. Through these roles, Tim has helped shape emergency management policies and protocols at both the state and national levels.

Currently, Tim serves as the planning section chief for the Missoula State Disaster Medical Response System. In this capacity, he oversees the planning and coordination of medical response efforts in the event of a disaster.

Tim Conley’s extensive experience, both domestically and internationally, makes him a highly respected and sought-after emergency manager. His dedication to improving emergency response capabilities and his commitment to training and supporting healthcare providers in various countries have made a significant impact on the field of emergency management.