Dr. Riley Jones, MD

Dr. Jones holds an MD degree from the University of Louisville, two MSc degrees from King’s College London (global health with conflict and security studies) and Tulane University (clinical research methods and biostatistics), and earned his DTM&H from the Gorgas Course in Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in Lima, Peru. He completed his residency in internal medicine at The Christ Hospital in Cincinnati, OH, before coming to UF as a clinical postdoctoral associate in global health and hospital medicine. He serves half of the year as an attending physician in hospital medicine and the other half at clinical sites in which have included Ghana, Peru, Colombia, Greece (Moria Camp) and in administrative and educational support in Sudan, Bangladesh, Ecuador. Beyond patient care, he studies peace negotiations, rebuilding health systems after civil war, and the role of health in reinforcing or undermining the transition to peace. He has an ongoing study of different peace outcomes in intrastate conflicts and their impact on health indices such as maternal and child health. Along with colleagues in the UK, Dr. Jones was recognized in the House of Commons for redesigning the medical education curriculum as a means to rebuild societies after war which is now used throughout the Horn of Africa.