Dr. Zaher Sahloul

DrZaher Sahloul is a physician known for his dedication to providing medical care and humanitarian aid to those in need. 
He serves as the President of MedGlobal, a nonprofit organization committed to delivering crucial healthcare to populations affected by crisis and poverty worldwide.
Dr. Sahloul is a former president of the Syrian American Medical Society and has led numerous medical missions to regions hit by natural and man-made disasters, including Syria, Ukraine, Colombia, Puerto Rico, Gaza, Yemen, and Bangladesh. 
He is recognized for his unwavering commitment to serving vulnerable populations and advancing medical care in resource-limited settings. 
Dr. Sahloul continues to be a leading voice in the global health community, advocating for the protection of healthcare workers and the expansion of medical relief efforts in challenging environments. He published widely on the impact of wars on health. 
Professionally, he is a Critical Care specialist at Advocate Christ Medical Center and Saint Anthony’s hospital and Associate Professor in Clinical Medicine at the University of Illinois in Chicago.  
Dr. Sahloul was awarded the Gandhi Award for Peace for his humanitarian work in 2020. He has also received many other awards including the “Heroes Among Us” award by American Red Cross, Dr. Robert Kirschner’s Award for Global Activism by Heartland Alliance Kovler Center 2017, the Commitment to Change Award by the National Immigration Justice Center for his commitment to human rights, and the Shine a Light on Global Refugee Crisis and annual humanitarian award by UNICEF Chicago 2017.
He is married to Suzanne Akhras and has three children.