Divina Providencia Dinner Colombia

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Interview from Gaza

World Refugee Day

Report from Gaza

Report from Gaza

Report from Gaza

MedGlobal mission in Venezuela

MedGlobal and MEDCARE in Colombia

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HBB training programs in Bangladesh.

Ramadan Kareem from Dr. Sahloul

Eid Mubarak from Dr. Draper

Ramadan Mubarak from Dr. Akhras

Ramadan Kareem from Dr. Ahson

Eid Mubarak from Dr. Maryam

Lebanon Medical Mission October 2018

Rohingya preparing for monsoon 2018

Moonsoon Season 2018 Bangladesh

2018 in review

2017 in review


Syrian refugee recollects traumatic memories fleeing war to Lebanon

Reflections on Dignity

Imagine the Fields, the Meadows, the Woodlands or what natural habitat you may pass through as you drive out of town on your way to work every day. Imagine one day these very Meadows are the scene of devastation, people massacring each other from both sides, mindless zombies fueled with rage and hatred, no consideration for mankind, man, woman or children. Killing relentlessly. Some scene out of an apocalyptic movie right?

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