Before and After in Yemen!

Prior to MedGlobal’s intervention, cesarean delivery cases traveled 90 km, (more than 4 hours) from Hays district in Al-Hudaydah governorate to Al-Mokha district in Taiz governorate in order to get emergency cesarean procedures in Al-Mokha hospital. This was due to Hays hospital lacking the Cesarean operation and other emergency medical treatments.

This 4+ hour journey, driving on very bumpy roads with many military checkpoints, was a deadly delay for babies and mothers. Many patients lost their lives or had serious complications because they were not able to reach Al-Mokha hospital on time. The MedGlobal team learned of these tragic cases and heard the sorrowful stories when we visited Hays hospital last Monday 16th of Jan. 2023. This was the situation BEFORE MedGlobal intervention.

On the 16th of January 2023, the MedGobal team officially opened the cesarean operation facilities in Hays hospital. MedGlobal delivered the essential medical equipment, medications, and supplies for cesarean section procedures. MedGlobal supported the neonatal room and also supported the hospital with the required staff including the surgeon, anesthesiologist, physician, nurses, in addition to providing the various medical laboratory devices and their reagents and solutions. The operation room was also equipped with various medications for anesthesia.

After the intervention of MedGlobal in Hays hospital, the dream became a reality that the people of Hays district had been waiting for for years. On Monday, January 16, 2023, at nine in the morning, the first surgical cesarean operation took place at the Hays hospital for Comprehensive Emergency Obstetric and Neonatal Care. In 5 days more than 6 surgical cesarean operations have been done.

Many thanks to the LDS for their generous financial aid. Their support helped MedGlobal make a huge impact in Yemen through medical interventions that reinforce health system resilience and sustainability. Reducing maternal mortality and improving maternal health and neonatal care is always a priority. We are overjoyed at the safe and successful procedures now taking place in the Hays district hospital in Yemen! Your ongoing support is vital for the continued operation of this MedGlobal project and expansion of other MedGlobal facilities like this! Support us.