Annual Reports

2021 Impact

As the COVID-19 epidemic continued in 2021, hospitals and health professionals were stretched to their limits, and access to medical oxygen became vital. Fires, earthquakes, and storms threatened vulnerable populations. MedGlobal witnessed conflicts escalate in war-torn countries. But there was still hope. Despite the fact that MedGlobal faced more hurdles than ever before, our impact was much larger. Whether it was changing supply chains or delivering training online due to travel restrictions, MedGlobal worked together to find solutions. From personal protective equipment to oxygen to vaccines, MedGlobal is delighted to declare that, thanks to our dedicated team, partners, and thousands of donors, MedGlobal were able to provide life-changing health care to more individuals than ever before.

  • Active Healthcare Programs in 13 Countries
  • Provided Direct Health Services to 749,719 patients
  • Impacted Over 9,873,604 People
  • Supported 71 hospitals and health facilities with a combined catchment
  • population of over 34,000,000
  • Trained 748 Doctors, Nurses, and Midwives
  • Provided 132,261 Free Health Consultations
  • Built $1,266,435 of Sustainable Health Infrastructure
  • Donated $1,640,480 for Emergency Medical Response
  • Donated $1,943,673 of Health Services
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