A third MedGlobal team of trauma and emergency specialists trained 150 Ukrainian physicians on mass casualties

Chicago – MedGlobal team of four US physicians completed a third successful medical mission to Ukraine from May 3-6. Dr. John Peter McBryde, physician, Dr. Tanya Bucierka, emergency medicine physician with Eugene emergency physicians, Oregon, Dr. Judah Slavkovsky, surgeon at Carle Foundation Hospital, and Dr. Kathleen Gallagher, surgeon at Vanderbilt University Medical Center, traveled to war-torn Ukraine to deliver medical supplies and ultrasound machines worth $200,000 and trained Ukrainian doctors in multiple hospitals in different Ukrainian cities.

The MedGlobal team trained 150 Ukrainian physicians in the period of four days in six different hospitals, including Clinical Municipal Communal Emergency Hospital, Lviv Veterans Hospital, Municipal Polyclinic #5, Communal Municipal Clinical Hospital 8 – St Luke’s, Dnipro Emergency Hospital, and Central District Hospital in Sambir. The training focused on polytrauma, triage, FAST exam, blast injury and ultrasound. Overall the training time ranged between 2.5 hours to 8 hours in each hospital, with a total duration of 40 hours of training.

Dr. Kathleen GalIagher said “I was deeply honored by the opportunity to return to Lviv with MedGlobal and to continue to provide trauma training to the surgeons and physicians in the region. We were able to build upon triage and mass casualty training from the previous mission to develop mass casualty plans with several hospitals in the area. It was the privilege of a lifetime to work with this team and with our Ukrainian colleagues.”

This is the third mission that MedGlobal deploys to support healthcare needs in Ukraine. The first mission took place from March 6-12 and included a team of 9 physicians and nurses from the United States and the United Kingdom while the second one took place from April 4-10 and involved a team of 7 physicians from the US. The medical team delivered a large amount of medical supplies and provided training on chemical weapons and protection of hospitals, trauma, mass casualties and ultrasound.

MedGlobal has distributed a large volume of life-saving medical supplies and medications worth over $900,000, to frontline hospitals in coordination with the Ukrainian Ministry of Health benefiting over 20,000 patients.

“We thank our selfless medical volunteers who took the risk to share their skills with our Ukrainian colleagues. We also thank our partners: Razom for Ukraine and the Ukrainian Medical Association of North America. Much appreciation to everyone who donated or collected life-saving medical supplies, and to the Polish Airline that allowed us to transport 20 pieces of luggage full of supplies for free” said Dr. Zaher Sahloul, the president of Medglobal.

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