A Global First Responder’s diary from Moria Camp in Greece

By Adam Beckett, MedGlobal Volunteer & Global First Responder

Day One:

I am doing a little insightful reading for the long journey ahead from a leader I truly admire. I had the fortunate opportunity of meeting with Dr. Farmer, along with Mr. Bill and Melinda Gates and their family, in Mirraballe, Haiti, years ago. After meeting such altruistic individuals, my determination was reinforced on in our mission. 

The global humanitarian crisis continues to worsen as I travel to join my friends at the MedGlobal clinic at the Moria refugee camp in Lesbos, Greece. Moria camp is at over-capacity and in crisis with 18,000 refugees – it was originally designed for only 2,000 people.

Before I depart, I want to shout out to the Global First Responder (GFR) team who is set to depart in three days for the Bahamas for continuing relief efforts in Great Guana Cay.
2020 will be a busy year in Global Service! We are ready, confident and determined in the mission.

Day Two:

As I wrap today up – day two into a busy week – I am seeing a large number of patients and witnessing a crisis unfold in Lesbos. Large numbers of people are still arriving every day. I give the utmost respect to NGOs and the Greek government for doing all that they do to assist in this unfathomable situation. No photos or words are enough to depict the situation.

I am witnessing teams working together between all of the aid groups in the most unimaginable circumstances. As we see these situations progress, it’s important to realize we are all part of one global family and it is not beyond any understanding to think that one day, this situation could happen to any of us.

For those of us involved now, and the many that will be joining us in the future, we have one common belief – a moral obligation to act, a responsibility to humanity. After all, it is our global family out there that we need to care for!

“One World, One Family!”

Last Day:

I am finishing up from a very busy week in Moria camp and am sharing a few pictures to showing why we are here. I am thankful to be part of the MedGlobal team, working in a complex situation at a high volume clinic, serving more than 19,000 people. MedGloblal is a diverse team of volunteers e from countries all over the world including the UK, Greece, Norway, Ireland, Syria, Afghanistan, Yemen, Belarus, Slovakia, Somalia, and Sri Lanka to name a few.

*photos taken with respect and permission.

“One Global Family!”

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