In the face of adversity, MedGlobal has been a pillar of support. During the conflict, we managed to deliver over $1.3 million worth of essential medical supplies. We provided not just fuel to keep Shifa and Indonesian hospitals operational, but also ensured that healthcare workers were sustained with daily meals. Our efforts extended to distributing hygiene kits to displaced families seeking refuge in schools. Despite these efforts, the needs continue to grow.



Since 2017, MedGlobal has worked to improve local health systems, support vulnerable communities, and respond to humanitarian crises. Together, we’re building a healthier future.

MedGlobal field teams support local health programs for vulnerable populations in North and Latin America, Africa, MENA region, Europe, and Southeast Asia. Our growing field teams and partner organizations are  supported by selfless volunteer nurses, and medical professionals of all specialties from 27 countries who embrace our mission.

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MedGlobal is powered by local leaders, health professionals, volunteers,
and humanitarians that work daily to improve health care for those most in need.
With the help of dedicated partners and generous supporters, our team has made a
real difference in the lives of millions.

Working with MedGlobal on the Venezuelan border is the most meaningful thing I have done in medicine. We are making a difference for people who really need us, and I am very grateful for the opportunity to be a part of this amazing work. I can’t wait to go back!
- Kyle Varner, MD, MedGlobal Medical Volunteer. Donate
Walking from Venezuela, I had to sleep on the streets. I had days without food, toilet, or shower, but here at Los Patios I have access to these services.
- Libia, a Venezuelan woman who is one of at least 500 Venezuelans who cross the Simon Bolivar bridge into Colombia every day. At the Los Patios Center, MedGlobal’s health team provided her with free point-of-care health services and COVID-19 testing. Donate
"MedGlobal Oxygen generator in Nyala Hospital in Darfur is the largest investment in healthcare infrastructure since Sudan independence in 1955. It will provide oxygen to populations of 5 states and save tens of thousands of lives in the long term.”
- Dr. Mohamed Margani, President of Sudanese American Professional Association Donate

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