5 reasons to support MedGlobal’s mission in Yemen

Yemen is currently experiencing the world’s largest humanitarian crisis, resulting from nearly five years of relentless conflict intensified by severe pre-existing vulnerabilities – widespread poverty, conflict, poor governance, and severe economic decline. 

Since the escalation of the conflict in 2015, humanitarian and medical needs are monumental. These are 5 reasons why MedGlobal is working in Yemen.

1. Almost 80% of the population in Yemen are in need of humanitarian assistance

Yemen is currently the world’s largest humanitarian crisis. As of today, there are over 24.1 million people in need, 14.3 of which are in severe need. The most vulnerable groups include children, women, girls, elderly, internally displaced people (IDPs), and marginalized people.

2. 19.7 million people are in medical need

14 million are in severe medical need. Doctors and nurses are fighting the largest cholera epidemic on record with 1.3 million suspected cholera cases and 2,800 cholera deaths. Assessments indicate that 203 of Yemen’s 330 districts face levels of severe need due to poor access to health services, displacement, and deteriorating socio-economic conditions.

3. Less than 50% of health facilities are fully functional

The conflict has devastated the health care system, with 49% of health facilities either not functioning or only partially functioning due to staff shortages, lack of supplies, inability to meet operational costs or limited access. There are also severe shortages of medicines and healthcare access is difficult.

4. Doctors are only available in 18% of districts across the country

Hospitals in Yemen are short of doctors and medical staff. There are ten health workers per 10,000 people in Yemen. The doctor to patient ratio is well below the World Health Organization recommended minimum of 1:1,000 at 0.31:1,000 patients.

5. It has proven difficult for humanitarian organizations to provide aid to Yemen due to the lack of open routes and ongoing violence

Struggling to meet the staggering humanitarian needs of the population is not the only difficulty humanitarian organizations face in Yemen. Access to delivering aid is extremely limited and affected heavily by the conflict. Many organizations are deterred by the threat of violence amid war.

MedGlobal’s Response

MedGlobal had a sustainable presence in Yemen since 2017, partnering with local organizations to deliver medical relief for those in need and support healthcare professionals and facilities overwhelmed with patients.

MedGlobal will be taking a team of volunteers to complete a medical, surgical, and educational mission in Sayoun and Ma’arib, Yemen in November 2019. The mission will operate in three main hospitals at the targeted governorates where local medical providers from other neighboring facilities will attend MedGlobal’s training programs in Helping Babies Breathe and Antenatal and Adult Ultrasound training

Helping Babies Breathe is an internationally recognized program aimed at reducing infant mortality by providing life-saving measures within the first minute of birth. The program helps birth attendants develop knowledge and skills that are utilized within the first few minutes of life, including identification of a baby in danger and administration of life-saving measures.

This training is done in a Train-the-Trainer model, targeting 12 participants, where new Master Trainers and Facilitators will be certified to teach providers throughout the region. MedGlobal aims to train more than 6 medical providers, including local pediatricians, midwives, and nurses. 

The Antenatal and adults Ultrasound training will be on basic diagnosis and managing of life-threatening illnesses, as well as the use of hand-held portable ultrasounds. This state-of-the-art technology, called the Butterfly Ultrasound, helps save lives all over the world.

MedGlobal volunteers will also be providing specialized healthcare services in internal medicine and surgery. In addition to these services, MedGlobal will supply multiple local healthcare facilities with critical medical equipment, surgical supplies, and essential medications.

This mission is part of an ongoing program MedGlobal, with the help of local partners, has in Yemen. We need YOUR help to keep a sustainable presence in Yemen – your donation saves lives!